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Our Services for Motion-Sensing Lighting

Residential and Commercial Lighting Keeping your residence safe is as important as beefing up security around your business premises. That is why we offer all motion-sensing services under one roof, whether it’s commercial or residential applications. Using one company for all your services allows you to track all your expenditures and enjoy a ton of […]

My Air Conditioner is Dripping What Do I Do About This?

My air conditioner is dripping, what do I do? You know that your AC isn’t supposed to drip or leak water, so when you see it happening, you know something is wrong. Sometimes it’s a big issue, but other times, it’s not really anything huge. The following are four potential causes for an air conditioner […]

Motion Sensor Camera

Motion detection technology is increasingly becoming more popular across the surveillance industry. You can also bring this technology to your home camera and enhance security, especially during the night. However, be keen when choosing a motion sensor camera for your home. Outdated models rely on pixel changes, motion vectors, or even background modeling to detect […]

Mains Power Upgrades

Having a reliable and consistent source of power is very critical for the smooth operation of electrical devices in both homes and commercial premises. A mains power upgrade, which is offered by CLF services, is important for houses with inadequate power supply, homes with electronics that consume a lot of power and new large electrical […]

Learn How to Install a Window AC Unit Properly at Home

Deciding to install a window AC unit can help you cool down a room in your home without having a full system put in. Then again, knowing how to install a window AC unit is a different story. While things will vary based on your home’s windows and the specific unit you get, the following are some […]

Kelvinator Air Conditioner: Is this a good brand of air conditioner for domestic use?

Kelvinator is a brand owned by Swedish manufacturing giant Electrolux. Kelvinator was founded on September 18, 1914, in the United States of America, particularly in the state of Michigan. Originally a refrigerator manufacturing company, it was named Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company, however it became Kelvinator on February of 1916 in honour of the Irish-Scottish physicist who discovered […]

Is air conditioning safe?

Many of us spend about 90% of our lives in enclosed environments like homes, buildings, cars and public transport. With sweltering heat during summers, we often rely heavily on air conditioning systems to keep lived-in spaces ventilated for our comfort and productivity. But you may still wonder, is air conditioning safe? Yes, air conditioning is […]

Is air conditioning expensive?

Many homeowners think that having an air conditioning system is expensive and could cause electric bills to skyrocket, especially in the summer months where you may feel the need to keep your air con on for extended periods of time. There are ways to reduce the amount of energy used and save money on air […]

IP Cameras

IP Cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, deliver high quality surveillance via full HD video. Used indoors or outdoors, IP cameras feature significant range and very clear resolution. Data is stored in the cloud to minimise data storage requirements and to ensure that footage can be accessed 24/7 from wherever you are. These high technology security […]

Is a Burning Smell Normal When I Turn on the Heater?

What makes heaters generate a burning smell The most obvious reason is that the heater is burning through a layer of dust and debris. This problem is common for homes where ACs do not have air filters. As the debris accumulates in the system, the heater will have to burn through them to become efficient. […]