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Mains Power Upgrades

Having a reliable and consistent source of power is very critical for the smooth operation of electrical devices in both homes and commercial premises. A mains power upgrade, which is offered by CLF services, is important for houses with inadequate power supply, homes with electronics that consume a lot of power and new large electrical equipment.

Several reasons can lead a customer to ask for a power upgrade.

When is Mains Power Upgrade Needed?

When the need to use electricity power goes up, the premises owner should consider upgrading their power source. Increasing the power capacity will warrant a steady supply of electricity. These are the occasions when customers need a power upgrade:

  • Installing equipment that uses more energy e.g., pumps and large motors
  • Installing a water pump
  • Other occasions that will require an upgrade include installing a Large Spa and freezers in premises such as restaurants.

Requirements Needed for a Mains Power Upgrade

The process of upgrading power supply includes having an energy preliminary notice number, an existing meter number, an electrical contractor license, and the ability to pay the recommended fees.

Benefits of Mains Power Upgrade

Upgrading the mains power at home can come with various benefits such as consistent and reliable power sources. The upgrade can be done for installation of air conditioning systems, and large equipment on business premises.

Mains power upgrade should be done by a qualified Brisbane electrician to avoid the dangers of poor electrical works that can damage customer appliances. It also helps in getting the correct amount of power needed for electrical equipment hence protects it from any electrical danger.

Mains Power Upgrade Services offered By CLF Services

CLF services are known for their great work in upgrading power supply in both residential places and business premises.

Upgrade in residential places can be occasioned by the need for improvement, switchboard mains update, upgrade of overhead cable, or an increase in supply for equipment. A Brisbane electrician will always advise on the process of power upgrade for a residential place.

In business premises, CLF services can provide an electrical service that upgrades power depending on the different needs of the company. It can improve in a medium commercial property with a minimum demand of 250A/180Kva. It can also upgrade to a large commercial property with a maximum need greater than 1300A/1000kVA.

Whether commercial or a residential area, a Brisbane electrician can upgrade power supply and advise on the functionality of a switchboard and other needs. 

Why You Should Hire Us

Upgrading an electrical service demands working with a qualified service provider. An experienced service provider like CLF services will upgrade the mains power and plan for constant inspection and maintenance of the power supply. The upgrade is backed up by years of experience in electrical installation.

Are you looking for an electrical service provider to handle your mains power upgrade? Contact us today for emergency and regular services, and we shall send someone your way.

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