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Is air conditioning expensive?

Many homeowners think that having an air conditioning system is expensive and could cause electric bills to skyrocket, especially in the summer months where you may feel the need to keep your air con on for extended periods of time.

There are ways to reduce the amount of energy used and save money on air conditioning without compromising comfort and health.

The first consideration is to ensure that you have the correct size of air conditioner for the space you need to cool. Having the right-sized unit will ensure that your unit can work effectively, with even temperatures and efficient usage.

Here are other ways to reduce your costs with air conditioner use:

  • Use the thermostat – Most air conditioning units come with a remote control that includes a programmable thermostat feature. Use this feature to your advantage by setting the unit to run when you’re home and turn off when you are not.
  • Regular maintenance – This is crucial to ensuring that your air conditioner remains in top condition. Replacing and cleaning filters can reduce energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent.
  • Run at a cut-off temperature – This means setting your air conditioning unit to cut off when it detects that the room has reached your desired temperature. In cut-off mode, it will consume less power and help you reduce the electricity bill.
  • Shut windows and entryways – Make sure that all windows and all entryways to the space you are cooling are shut or closed tightly. Install window coverings that let in light but keep the heat out.
  • Choose an inverter model unit – An inverter model runs the unit at full speed when you are cooling the space and then runs at lower speed when the desired temperature level is reached.

There are many ways that you can do to reduce the cost of air conditioner use. It may look expensive to use a cooling system at first because of the initial investment, but in the long term it will prove to be a good investment when compared with running multiple electric fans throughout your home or business at the same time. Additionally, electric fans such as oscillating, boxed and even ceiling fans may provide a bit of breeze to help you sleep or cool you down, but only temporarily. They won’t cool down the room, let alone the house. While the initial cost of a fan is cheap, they will in the end be more expensive and less effective.

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