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Our Services for Motion-Sensing Lighting

Residential and Commercial Lighting

Keeping your residence safe is as important as beefing up security around your business premises. That is why we offer all motion-sensing services under one roof, whether it’s commercial or residential applications. Using one company for all your services allows you to track all your expenditures and enjoy a ton of gross discounts.

Repair and Maintenance

If your security lights don’t sense motion in darkness, there is a problem. It could be because of a wiring fault or even long-due maintenance. For this reason, you would want to contact a professional technician to avoid putting yourself at unnecessary risk of electrocution or falling from high fixtures. In that case, you only need to call us once, and we’ll have your home illuminated within an hour.

Customized Solutions

You don’t have to use the same sensor light fixtures as your neighbor. We install a great variety that suits the security needs and preferences of every household. Some of our product ranges include hardwired, solar-powered, and battery-powered fixtures.

Make Your Brisbane Home Secure with Sensor Lights

We offer a wide range of sensor lights that will help secure your home at night by detecting unwarranted movements. Whether you want to install a new system or upgrade the current one, we are here to put our decades of combined experience at work. We also offer a flexible payment plan at a 0% interest rate. That means you can call us to restore your security lights any day without worrying about unplanned expenses. You can reach our customer care team at 1300 257 561 for a free quote and same-day service.

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