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IP Cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, deliver high quality surveillance via full HD video.

Used indoors or outdoors, IP cameras feature significant range and very clear resolution. Data is stored in the cloud to minimise data storage requirements and to ensure that footage can be accessed 24/7 from wherever you are. These high technology security solutions can be wired or wireless, and connected via an ethernet cable or wifi. The software offers extensive analytics that give you real-time information about what is happening at your home or business, including audio recording for more extensive security access and control.

There are a range of security businesses that sell IP Cameras and CLF Services is continually scanning the market to ensure we are presenting our clients with a comprehensive security solution.

Brands that create IP cameras include:

  • Swann
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Milesight
  • Uniview

What is the difference between IP Cameras and CCTV?

An IP camera is digital video camera that transmits security footage via a network ethernet link.

A CCTV Camera transmits its data to a monitor, so you can monitor footage as it occurs or post event via a recording. Both types of cameras are used for surveillance and to provide security for home or business.

For more information on IP Cameras, CCTV or to have a discussion about what security solution would be best for you, contact CLF Services today.

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