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My Air Conditioner is Dripping What Do I Do About This?

My air conditioner is dripping, what do I do? You know that your AC isn’t supposed to drip or leak water, so when you see it happening, you know something is wrong.

Sometimes it’s a big issue, but other times, it’s not really anything huge. The following are four potential causes for an air conditioner unit dripping or leaking water:

  1. Drain Pan Problems: In most air conditioners, the drain pain is put under the evaporator coil where it gathers up condensate from the indoor unit. If it’s misplaced, has rust, or is cracked, then it won’t drain outside properly. Some cracks can be patched up, but a drain pan that is overflowing is a symptom of far more serious AC system issues that might require professional attention.
  2. Drain Line Clogs: The drain line for AC condensate can get clogged by fungi or algae. You can prevent this by clearing it out using a wet/dry vac or pouring a few ounces of vinegar down the line every several months to kill off the buildup. If the line is already clogged, you might need a technician to come out and restore its functionality.
  3. Air Filter Clogs: Clogged air filters restrict the airflow, resulting in many issues. One of them is frozen evaporator coils that wind up dripping extra water.
  4. Blocked Air Registers or Vents: Your air filter isn’t the only place that airflow might get clogged or restricted. Check every register and vent to make sure that the flow of air isn’t restricted in any way. Duct cleaning might also be a good idea, just in case.

In cases where you notice the evaporator coils are frozen, it’s a good idea to shut the machine off and cut the power to it for a while. It’s not going to be cooling any air right now. Even if the issue is immediately addressed, the coils need time to thaw out anyway before you can hope for your AC to be even remotely effective.

Many problems with dripping air conditioners can only be accurately diagnosed by industry professionals. These same technicians and contractors also can always provide solutions that get your system up and running well again.

If you find yourself in such circumstances, then turn to CLF Services for expertise and answers that restore the comfort and safety of your home in hot weather.

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