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Is air conditioning safe?

Many of us spend about 90% of our lives in enclosed environments like homes, buildings, cars and public transport. With sweltering heat during summers, we often rely heavily on air conditioning systems to keep lived-in spaces ventilated for our comfort and productivity. But you may still wonder, is air conditioning safe?

Yes, air conditioning is safe and can also be beneficial to people who are suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. They can also help to keep the air in shared spaces clean and fresh, helping people to be productive and healthy. Air conditioners do not cause sickness and the cold air produced is not inherently harmful, but when there are other environmental factors such as bacteria, fungi, mould, and mildew, then the systems should be cleaned regularly to avoid the spreading of these irritants.

The process of cooling air creates a great deal of moisture and condensation, which well functioning units channel away. However, a malfunctioning unit can leave traces of moisture in its interior, and these dark, warm, damp spaces make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth, as well as other harmful microorganisms.

Another potentially fatal issue associated with a malfunctioning air conditioner is coolant leakage. The seal around the Schrader valve – an internal mechanism that recharges the unit with refrigerant- can degrade over a period of time and this can cause the coolant to leak. Once this happens, the leakage will evaporate into gas which the air conditioning unit will pump into the atmosphere of your living space. This is odourless, tasteless gas, but deep inhalation can cut off oxygen from your vital organs.

How can you avoid all of these health hazards? The answer is simple! Don’t underestimate the importance of regular air conditioner maintenance. It could not just save you money but keep you healthy.

Schedule regular maintenance and check-up of your air conditioner, including a thorough cleaning and filter change at least once every few months. For this, it is always advised to contract the help of professional and licensed air conditioner electricians or technicians.

Aside from having your preferred air conditioner service company scheduled to come around every few months, you should also take note should there be any changes in the way your system is functioning. If you notice changes such as leaks, ice formations or warm air being blown instead of cool air, call your technician right away.

CLF Services provides emergency air conditioning services as well as maintenance, repairs and installations. Call CLF Services for all of your Brisbane air conditioning needs.

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