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What is a HEPA Filtration System?

Oftentimes, particles, mould and microorganisms find themselves in the air. If you work at a manufacturing facility, the fumes and raw materials greatly affect indoor air quality. As a health concern, you need to install HEPA filtration. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system helps remove particles, pollen, dust, mould, fungi, and spores. These systems […]

What is the Difference Between a Watt and an Amp

When talking about electricity, power, and electrical appliances, it is most likely that you will come across such words like watts and amps. Although these words are commonly used, most people may not have any idea regarding the difference between the watt and an amp. This article will try to explain what is the difference […]

What Size Split System

A split system has two units, one on the inside and the other outside. Some homes may also have a multi-split system comprising multiple indoor units served by a single outdoor unit. Split systems are a go-to option if you want to heat or cool the house rooms separately. They are also ideal if you’re […]

When to Call an Electrician

Sometimes, you need to know when to call an electrician to address issues. Here are 10 signs you’re at that point. Frequent Interruptions: If your home frequently has circuit breakers tripping and fuses blowing, then your circuits are probably drawing in more current than they can actually provide safely. This is a strong warning sign […]

Power Connection

Lack of power connection in premises such as factories, schools, hospitals, and homes can lower the rate of productivity, affect the quality of products sold, and jeopardize the security at home. Businesses and homeowners should have a power connection and a stable power supply to maximize their profits. What can businesses and homeowners do to […]

Pool Tariff 33

With another hot summer just around the corner, homeowners can save money on a range of appliances by connecting them to the particular type of electrical service. An economy tariff determines the way ones are charged for electricity usage, they may pay the same rate for all electricity usage, or they might be charged different […]

Panasonic arc 5

Panasonic are a leading brand in air conditioners having been supplying the global market with AC units since 1958. As a pioneering brand Panasonic have introduced many innovations to the home cooling marketplace including the first company to:  launch inverter air conditioners (1983) introduce to first GHP (gas heat pump) (1985)  introduce the worlds first […]

Panasonic air conditioners

Panasonic air conditioners are a trusted air conditioner brand who have been in the Australian market for four decades now. Founded in Japan by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, Panasonic is a globally recognized manufacturer of electronic products that range from telephones, cameras, televisions, radios, microwave ovens and a whole range of home appliances, including air […]

Oven installation

A new oven helps ensure you are able to make all your favourite dishes whenever you feel the inkling, while a new wall oven helps free up space and can be a great way to extend your home’s baking capacity, which can be especially useful when entertaining a large crowd. It may even increase your […]

Outdoor security cameras

CLF Services are experts in the installation of outdoor security cameras for residential, commercial and industrial premises. We have been proudly servicing the Greater Brisbane region for over ten years installing a wide array of outdoor security cameras inclusive of both wired and wireless systems.  All CLF Services technicians have deep experience in designing, supplying […]