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Motion Sensor Camera

Motion detection technology is increasingly becoming more popular across the surveillance industry. You can also bring this technology to your home camera and enhance security, especially during the night. However, be keen when choosing a motion sensor camera for your home. Outdated models rely on pixel changes, motion vectors, or even background modeling to detect movement. Thus, they can trigger false alarms by swaying trees or even pet movement.

CLF Services is your go-to company for modern motion-sensing cameras, whether it’s for a residential home or business applications. Remember, real humans, are the main objects of interest in any surveillance system. Besides false alarms, it can take you a lot of time to configure a camera that picks up any motion, be it passing by vehicles. Why should you trust modern motion detection cameras? What do they offer that enhances your experience in beefing up security?

  • Time Filter

Not everyone passing by your residential home or business premises is a threat to your security. However, someone who stays around the detection area for a more extended period can be a potential threat. Modern motion-sensing cameras allow you to configure a time filter for the minimum duration an object can stay within the detection area before the camera goes off. You can also configure the maximum period allowed to separate movements triggered by the same thing. Thus, the system consolidates these movements as constituent parts of a single event, and the alarm goes off.

  • Ideal for Any Lighting Condition

It can be pretty tiresome if you have to adjust your camera’s configuration to different lighting settings every day. Modern motion detection cameras come with multiple lighting models that adapt to the user’s installation. Whether it’s high contrast sun-lit scenes or unlit indoor environments, your camera will differentiate real and false alarm triggers. Moreover, cameras with embedded lighting models save you the hassle of fine-tuning the motion sensitivity for multiple scenario applications.

  • Only Activates on Movement

Motion sensors in your camera will only activate to record if there is movement around the scene. Thus, you get to enjoy a long-lasting battery life or low energy bills if connected to your electrical wiring system. Most importantly, this saves you a lot of memory and storage by eliminating hours of irrelevant, unusable videos. Remember, if you want 24-hour surveillance around an area, going for standard security cameras such as hidden or solar-powered sounds like the best option. Also, a motion-sensing camera does all this automatically.

  • Instant Notification

Motion-sensing cameras are compatible with mobile apps. The camera sends a notification to your cellular gadget after sensing any motion, allowing you to monitor the scene in real-time. These cameras make a perfect security tool for keeping your children safe when not around. You’ll always get a real-time notification every time someone enters or leaves the house. The best part? You can have eyes over your property even if you’re in a different country.

What Should You Look for in a Motion Detection Camera?

The kind of experience that you’ll have with your motion sensor camera depends on the quality of installation and the components of the device. That is why you should watch out for experienced security service providers who can offer long-range motion detection cameras with remote controlling capabilities.

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