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When to Call an Electrician

Sometimes, you need to know when to call an electrician to address issues. Here are 10 signs you’re at that point.

  1. Frequent Interruptions: If your home frequently has circuit breakers tripping and fuses blowing, then your circuits are probably drawing in more current than they can actually provide safely. This is a strong warning sign of faults and risks that need correction.
  2. Your Home Is Aging: Is your home over 25 years old? Has it never had electrical service upgrades? In either case, you are probably missing out on advances in technology that can really help your home stay safe and serve you well.
  3. Flickering Lights: Do your lights take a break for half a second when you turn on anything on? Do your lights dim when the AC kicks in? Motor-driven appliances need lots of current and should probably have their own dedicated circuits.
  4. Rust Is Winning: If you start noticing moisture and rust in, on, or under the main service panel, then you’ve got problems. Panel deterioration can mean hazards for the primary wiring connections and across the entire electrical system.
  5. Wetroom Protections: Bathroom, laundry rooms, kitchens, and grounded spaces like garages and basements need outlets that have circuit interruption abilities in the event of water contact. These are easy and necessary upgrades.
  6. Medusa Outlets: Do you have an outlet that looks like Medusa’s head or an octopus perhaps? Because there’s so many utility strips and add-ons to increase the number of outlets? If so, then your home needs more outlets along the walls.
  7. Extension Cords Are Everywhere: Sometimes, it’s not always about having more outlets but just putting new ones in the right places. Long cords aren’t just fire hazards but also trip hazards. On their best day, they’re just unsightly.
  8. Things Are Warm When You Touch Them: If the various electrical components of your home are hot or even shocking to the touch, then you probably have too much demand on them, if not something more serious.
  9. Your Outlets Don’t Have Enough Holes: In older homes, outlets might just not work with modern electronics. If you can’t even plug in things, then your outlets do you no good. Modernizing isn’t just about safety but also about convenience.
  10. Antiquated Insulation: If you take a switch or outlet cover off and find cloth and rubber instead of plastic and modern materials, then your home’s electrical system might be due for some upgrades.

If your home meets any of these criteria, then contact CLF Services for industry professionals who can help you with anything.

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