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Panasonic air conditioners

Panasonic air conditioners are a trusted air conditioner brand who have been in the Australian market for four decades now.

Founded in Japan by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, Panasonic is a globally recognized manufacturer of electronic products that range from telephones, cameras, televisions, radios, microwave ovens and a whole range of home appliances, including air conditioners.

They are also present in the mobile technology, software and aviation industries.

Panasonic’s first room air conditioner was developed and marketed under the National brand in 1958 and is touted as a world innovation being the first compact air conditioner and the first low cost air conditioner introduced to the market. Prior to this, only large business units were available.

Inverter technology, automated controls and fault diagnostics in home air conditioning and commercial air conditioning was developed in the 1990’s and from there, Panasonic invested in research and development with a focus on environmentally friendly air conditioners.

By 2003, their range of air conditioners were non-ozone depleting and energy efficient. Panasonic is known as a world leader in technological advances of air conditioners. Most recently, they introduced a range of “Smart Air Conditioners” which are air conditioner units that connect to other smart appliances in your home to better control your home’s comfort level. Much like other smart home technology, a smart air conditioner can be programmed to cool on your terms and can be controlled remotely. Panasonic’s Smart Air Conditioner are voice controlled with a smart phone, is equipped with an enhanced air purifying system and energy saving technology. Furthermore, Panasonic introduced other valuable innovations such as airstream robots and motion sensors.

In 2008, the company won the Chairman’s Award at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards and their EcoCute model won the Director General Prize award.

Panasonic produces air conditioners in seven Asian countries besides Japan, including Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. The company holds the largest share of sales in Asia outside of Japan.

In Australia, Panasonic was recently voted as the air conditioning brand of choice, and won the 2014 Product of the Year and 2016 Canstar Blue awards.

CLF Services specialises in repair and installation of Panasonic air conditioners in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We have a team of highly qualified and licensed Panasonic technicians who can advise on which type of unit and product will best suit your air conditioning needs. We cater to both residential and businesses

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