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What Size Split System

A split system has two units, one on the inside and the other outside. Some homes may also have a multi-split system comprising multiple indoor units served by a single outdoor unit. Split systems are a go-to option if you want to heat or cool the house rooms separately. They are also ideal if you’re going to maintain an even temperature in a bigger space.

However, you would want to ask some questions before installing the right air conditioner in your living room. For instance, what size split system? Remember, the right-sized split system AC translates to efficiency and maximum performance. Generally, the size of a split system air conditioner depends on its output, measured in kilowatts (kW).

Factors to Consider When Determining the Size of Your Split System AC

Air conditioning needs can be pretty complicated than they seem. Many factors influence the size of the air conditioning system you’ll go for, including the size of the house. A single-family household may require a smaller AC than a multifamily home. Also, you’ll need to consider the level of insulation in your place, as this determines every room’s ability to maintain the surrounding temperature. Again, a well-insulated home may not need as much cooling or heating capacity as a poorly insulated home.

Other factors that influence AC size include the room’s lighting, number of windows, number of occupants, and the type of foundation. As you can see, the factors are nearly endless and complicated.

How to Calculate the Requited Size of the Ideal Split System AC

You can calculate the ideal size of your split system AC using:

Online Calculators

Generally, calculating size helps determine the number of kilowatts needed to cool and heat a specific room. Online calculators will give you accurate results if you input consistent figures. There are quite a ton of them on the internet. How do you do it? Search “calculators for AC size,” choose your preferred site, and you’re good to go.


To estimate the size of your ideal AC using formulas, you’ll need to calculate the floor area of your room. Then, you’ll multiply the answer (in square meters) by the height of your ceiling. Finally, you’ll divide the value by 1000 to convert it into kW.


Professionals will give accurate AC size for your heating and cooling needs. They consider many other factors not included in the above two methods.

Contact Brisbane Electricians for Your Split System Size Needs

What size split system? Remember, using a professional to determine the ideal size of your split AC guarantees accuracy. It will also save you a lot of time and resources, especially if online calculators require an active subscription. Reach out to our professionals at 1300 257 561 for high-quality services that suit your intricate air conditioning needs. The best part? We offer flexible, 0% interest payment plans. 

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