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Oven installation

A new oven helps ensure you are able to make all your favourite dishes whenever you feel the inkling, while a new wall oven helps free up space and can be a great way to extend your home’s baking capacity, which can be especially useful when entertaining a large crowd.

It may even increase your home’s value, as some reports show that a new oven is among the popular choices of home buyers when considering a property.

However, in order for your new oven to work as efficiently as promised, it needs to be properly set up and installed. Without the right installation, you run the risk of a gas leak or electrical shock from a loose connection or parts, which, in some cases, can even be fatal.

Proper oven installation also helps extend the life of your oven, so you can continue to look forward to baking up your favourite meals and treats for many years to come.

It also helps ensure your warranty remains in effect through the stated covered period for greater confidence should you encounter any issues with the oven.

Our professional electricians are highly trained in the safe removal of your old oven’s gas lines and electrical wiring, as well as the safe connection, installation, or re-wiring of the new oven if needed.

We also ensure the oven is properly fitted, so it doesn’t look awkward in its new space.

Once the new oven has been installed according to specifications, our technicians will also power up the unit and then test it, as well as its parts, to ensure everything is hooked up safely and working properly before they leave. This helps prevent time and stress having to contact them to come back in the event there is an issue with the oven once they have left.

So if you have a new oven, don’t risk an improper installation, which puts your family at risk of various hazards, simply contact us, and we will send a highly certified technician to your property at your earliest convenience. Our technicians also pride themselves in completing the installation in the most timely manner possible, so you can get back to baking or heating your foods as soon as possible.

Some popular ovens we install include:

  • Electrolux ovens
  • Chef ovens
  • Bosch ovens
  • Miele ovens
  • Fischer & Paykel
  • Electric ovens
  • Wall ovens
  • Microwave wall ovens
  • And more

Depending on your oven installation, it may involve making several adjustments to your space, which can cause a mess. However, our Brisbane electricians CLF Services will not only complete the installation as quickly as possible to get your home back running smoothly but also clean up any mess accumulated during the process, so there’s no need to fret. Contact us for a free quote today.

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