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What is a Ductless AC System? How Does it Work?

Ductless air conditioning systems are simple systems that connect individual room devices to an outside compressor. Evaporator coils chilled by refrigerant are found in the interior unit. Hot air from the room flows over the coils and thus is captured. The refrigerant then transports all of the heat from within to the outside unit. A […]

Rinnai aircon

Rinnai aircon is a trusted and respected name in air conditioning having been supplying Australias households with innovative products that are designed with the environment inb mind, with low emission technology and high efficiencies.  CLF Services are experts in installing or repairing any Rinnai aircon system, although with such high levels of product quality and […]

Reverse Cycle Split System

CLF Services are Brisbane’s leading installer of reverse cycle split system air conditioning units. We have over ten years experience in installing, servicing and maintaining reverse cycle split systems across Brisbane and are ready and waiting to assist you in your home or office air conditioning requirements.  In simple terms reverse cycle air conditioners are […]

Retail air conditioning

Did you know that studies have shown that shoppers tend to be more ‘productive shoppers’ when they are physically comfortable in a store? Similarly, comfortable workspaces enhance employee engagement and productivity. Comfort in the workplace We usually associate comfort with relaxation, but physical comfort in the workplace is the cornerstone of productivity. Spaces that are […]

What is a HEPA Filtration System?

Oftentimes, particles, mould and microorganisms find themselves in the air. If you work at a manufacturing facility, the fumes and raw materials greatly affect indoor air quality. As a health concern, you need to install HEPA filtration. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system helps remove particles, pollen, dust, mould, fungi, and spores. These systems […]

What Size Split System

A split system has two units, one on the inside and the other outside. Some homes may also have a multi-split system comprising multiple indoor units served by a single outdoor unit. Split systems are a go-to option if you want to heat or cool the house rooms separately. They are also ideal if you’re […]

Panasonic arc 5

Panasonic are a leading brand in air conditioners having been supplying the global market with AC units since 1958. As a pioneering brand Panasonic have introduced many innovations to the home cooling marketplace including the first company to:  launch inverter air conditioners (1983) introduce to first GHP (gas heat pump) (1985)  introduce the worlds first […]

Panasonic air conditioners

Panasonic air conditioners are a trusted air conditioner brand who have been in the Australian market for four decades now. Founded in Japan by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, Panasonic is a globally recognized manufacturer of electronic products that range from telephones, cameras, televisions, radios, microwave ovens and a whole range of home appliances, including air […]

My Air Conditioner is Dripping What Do I Do About This?

My air conditioner is dripping, what do I do? You know that your AC isn’t supposed to drip or leak water, so when you see it happening, you know something is wrong. Sometimes it’s a big issue, but other times, it’s not really anything huge. The following are four potential causes for an air conditioner […]

Learn How to Install a Window AC Unit Properly at Home

Deciding to install a window AC unit can help you cool down a room in your home without having a full system put in. Then again, knowing how to install a window AC unit is a different story. While things will vary based on your home’s windows and the specific unit you get, the following are some […]