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Retail air conditioning

Did you know that studies have shown that shoppers tend to be more ‘productive shoppers’ when they are physically comfortable in a store? Similarly, comfortable workspaces enhance employee engagement and productivity.

Comfort in the workplace

We usually associate comfort with relaxation, but physical comfort in the workplace is the cornerstone of productivity. Spaces that are uncomfortable because they are too hot, too cold, too noisy, too dark, or too bright restrict the ability of workers to perform to their full potential. In a 2015 Leesman survey of nearly 136,000 respondents, the top 3 features identified as the most important part of an effective workspace were all directly related to physical comfort: desk, chair, and your air conditioner’s temperature control.

Customer comfort

Unlike many aspects of business, customer comfort is precisely what you would expect: the physical comfort of your customers while they are on your premises.

When a customer enters your retail store, your primary aim is to make them want to stay long enough to make a purchase, so usually your employee approaches them with a big smile and engages them, and then makes a sales pitch. If potential buyers feel uncomfortable on your shop floor, they may not stay long enough to make a purchase, thereby costing you that business. Good air con helps to prevent this by circulating the air throughout your shop, preventing it from becoming too warm or stale.

Also, in today’s climate with airborne pathogens and general hygiene concern, when a customer feels fresh, clean air in your store, they will be happy in the knowledge that their risk is limited.

Additional considerations for Retail Air Con

It makes perfect sense that air conditioning is given importance in the maintenance and upkeep of a business or retail shop as this is a part of creating an ideal retail environment, it’s not just about ensuring your customers stay longer, keep coming back and patronising your products but it’s also about creating work-life experiences that matter to your employees.

An air conditioner may be an investment to purchase and run, but the returns make it a wise business purchase. Choose an air conditioning system with specifications that works with your retail space. It is best to write down your shop’s dimensions and other details that you may find helpful when choosing which air conditioner to purchase, or have a professional such as CLF Services quote directly from your store.

You may want to consider the following:

  1. Would you like to be able to control your air conditioner’s functions even when you are not physically present in the shop?
  2. Which is better for you, a split system or a ducted air conditioner?
  3. Which type, brands or model is more energy efficient

No matter what type, brand or model of air conditioner you get, always remember that regular maintenance of your unit is crucial to its longevity. Make sure that you speak with your installer and schedule for a regular check-up every six months or so.

CLF Services offer air conditioner installation, repair, maintenance and check-up all over Brisbane. Call them today for more information.

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