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Power Connection

Lack of power connection in premises such as factories, schools, hospitals, and homes can lower the rate of productivity, affect the quality of products sold, and jeopardize the security at home. Businesses and homeowners should have a power connection and a stable power supply to maximize their profits. What can businesses and homeowners do to […]

Pool Tariff 33

With another hot summer just around the corner, homeowners can save money on a range of appliances by connecting them to the particular type of electrical service. An economy tariff determines the way ones are charged for electricity usage, they may pay the same rate for all electricity usage, or they might be charged different […]

Oven installation

A new oven helps ensure you are able to make all your favourite dishes whenever you feel the inkling, while a new wall oven helps free up space and can be a great way to extend your home’s baking capacity, which can be especially useful when entertaining a large crowd. It may even increase your […]

Mains Power Upgrades

Having a reliable and consistent source of power is very critical for the smooth operation of electrical devices in both homes and commercial premises. A mains power upgrade, which is offered by CLF services, is important for houses with inadequate power supply, homes with electronics that consume a lot of power and new large electrical […]

Industrial Electrician

If you are working in commercial entities such as large businesses, warehouses, or factories, you must use a skilled industrial electrician to carry out electrical installation, wiring, and repairs. An industrial electrician oversees the installation, repair, and maintenance of all electrical systems in industrial settings. They also inspect and test existing equipment to determine if […]

Improving Energy Storage Is Key to Maximising Solar Power Initiatives

Will solar energy be a key player in the power grid of the future? That’s the question on many people’s minds. Learn more about the expected advancements in solar energy storage. It seems that every day brings a push toward more responsible energy solutions, and solar energy is set to outshine the rest. You’ll find […]

How to Reduce Scheduling Problems for Electrical Contractors

ARC license number – AU54842 Electricians are often in high demand due to their specialised skills. CLF Services have a team of highly qualified electricians who have been hand-selected for their reliability, efficiency and their technical ability. Adam, the owner of CLF Services, only chooses the best electricians in Brisbane, so you can be assured of the […]

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Light For Your Home

ARC license number – AU54842 Today, many outdoor light fixtures are available in the market, making it difficult to choose the right one for your home. It would be best if you have functional and fashionable outdoor light that matches your home design. Creating a unique environment within your homestead means knowing how to choose […]

Types of EV Charging Stations

CLF Services are experts in installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for domestic or commercial usage.  There are three types of EV charging station which CLF Services are able to install at your premises:  Level 1 This system uses an existing power point (10 – 15 Amp Single Phase) in combination with a specialised cable […]