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Electrical Testing Services

An electrical testing service is a sector that includes repairing, installation, selling and maintenance of any electric associated stuff such as electoral gadgets of industrial sector. As a professional business owner, it is legally your duty to ensure that everyone is safe and no one is at risk. All machines weaken with age that is […]

Electrical Surge Diverter

An electric surge diverter, also known as an arrestor, is a device whose core objective is to guard electrical appliances from potential damage as a result of high voltage. Your personal computer is susceptible to the risk of direct lightning strikes, electrical thunderstorms if you lack a surge diverter. As unique and rare these events […]

Electrical safety

Electrical safety means understanding how to be safe when using electrical equipment in and around the home. It is one of the best lessons we can teach our family and be conscious of ourselves. Electricity can be dangerous if not handled correctly, so it is always important to have a qualified electrician undertake your electrical repairs and maintenance […]

What batteries are used in electric vehicles?

What batteries are used in electric vehicles that you, your employees or customers own? It is important that you learn before creating your charging stations, especially if you want to allow other people to use them. New technology might change the way cars operate in the future. For now, most electric vehicles have one of […]

Safety Switch Testing

As a reputable business, one of our priorities is ensuring you are safe in your home or business premises. This is one of the reasons we offer safety switch testing services. The safety switch prevents damage during an emergency. For that reason, your property safety switch should be in excellent working condition at all times. […]

The Importance of An Electrical Safety Switch

In January 2019 the laws changed to make it compulsory to have safety switches installed in and residential and commercial building on every circuit up to and including 32 amps. Most people just know about protection by circuit breakers. It is true they do but the protection is quite limited. Circuit breakers protect the wiring […]

RCD Testing

What are Residual Current Devices?Before we get to RCD testing, you need to understand the meaning of RCD devices. Typically, these are gadgets that monitor the amount of electricity that enters your property from the main distribution supply. You should keep in mind that some faults in your power electrical points could be coming from […]

RCD Installations

Electricity is an essential service for homes and businesses, but it can be dangerous when faults occur as it has the potential to cause electric shock or fire. These are two highly hazardous situations for the safety of the building and its occupants. Residual Current Devices, or RCD’s, have become critical components of electrical circuits because they […]

What is the Difference Between a Watt and an Amp

When talking about electricity, power, and electrical appliances, it is most likely that you will come across such words like watts and amps. Although these words are commonly used, most people may not have any idea regarding the difference between the watt and an amp. This article will try to explain what is the difference […]

When to Call an Electrician

Sometimes, you need to know when to call an electrician to address issues. Here are 10 signs you’re at that point. Frequent Interruptions: If your home frequently has circuit breakers tripping and fuses blowing, then your circuits are probably drawing in more current than they can actually provide safely. This is a strong warning sign […]