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Electrical safety

Electrical safety means understanding how to be safe when using electrical equipment in and around the home. It is one of the best lessons we can teach our family and be conscious of ourselves.

Electricity can be dangerous if not handled correctly, so it is always important to have a qualified electrician undertake your electrical repairs and maintenance for you. Licensed electricians are trained and qualified in electrical safety, following standards set by the Electrical Safety Office (ESO). These standards ensure that all electrical equipment and wiring at your home is safe, while also ensuring safety for electricians when on site. There are some rules and guidelines to follow to hel

Electrical safety

p your family stay safe and ensure you respect the potential hazards of electricity. Information on electricity safety can be provided by your electrician to help you make your home a safe environment and understand the hazards and safety rules of electricity.

What are the 3 hazards of electricity?

  1. Shock and burns can result from contact with live wires and equipment
  2. Electrical faults can cause fire
  3. An explosion or fire caused by electricity in a hazardous environment where flammable vapours or dust may be present

These hazards can be avoided with careful navigation of electricity principles, electrical equipment and a good understanding of electrical safety rules.

What are some electrical safety rules?

  1. Water and electricity do not mix, so be sure to keep appliances away from water.
  2. Keep metal and fingers away from power points and appliances such as toasters, to minimise the chance of electric shock.
  3. When unplugging electrical equipment and appliances, always pull from the plug not the cord.
  4. Inspect electrical appliances in the home regularly to ensure cords are in a safe state, so not frayed or damaged, and the connections are in tact.
  5. Ensure safety switches are installed by a qualified electrician.
  6. Don’t climb power poles or fly kites near wires.

Electrical safety is a lesson learned for life. It is important to work with your kids and family members to regularly refresh yourselves on the rules and hazards of electricity to reinforce their importance in keeping you all safe and well. It is also important to call out an electrician at the first sign of electrical faults or problems, while also keeping a close eye on your electrical equipment to make sure it is safe.

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