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Rinnai aircon

Rinnai aircon is a trusted and respected name in air conditioning having been supplying Australias households with innovative products that are designed with the environment inb mind, with low emission technology and high efficiencies.  CLF Services are experts in installing or repairing any Rinnai aircon system, although with such high levels of product quality and […]

Ring Doorbell

Ring is a home security and smart home company owned by Amazon that is at the cutting edge of home security devices including the renowned Ring Video Doorbells.  In a nutshell Ring Doorbells work in the following manner: > Detect motion when people come to your property > Receive notifications on your phone, tablet or PC > See, hear and […]

Reverse Cycle Split System

CLF Services are Brisbane’s leading installer of reverse cycle split system air conditioning units. We have over ten years experience in installing, servicing and maintaining reverse cycle split systems across Brisbane and are ready and waiting to assist you in your home or office air conditioning requirements.  In simple terms reverse cycle air conditioners are […]

Retail air conditioning

Did you know that studies have shown that shoppers tend to be more ‘productive shoppers’ when they are physically comfortable in a store? Similarly, comfortable workspaces enhance employee engagement and productivity. Comfort in the workplace We usually associate comfort with relaxation, but physical comfort in the workplace is the cornerstone of productivity. Spaces that are […]

RCD Testing

What are Residual Current Devices?Before we get to RCD testing, you need to understand the meaning of RCD devices. Typically, these are gadgets that monitor the amount of electricity that enters your property from the main distribution supply. You should keep in mind that some faults in your power electrical points could be coming from […]

RCD Installations

Electricity is an essential service for homes and businesses, but it can be dangerous when faults occur as it has the potential to cause electric shock or fire. These are two highly hazardous situations for the safety of the building and its occupants. Residual Current Devices, or RCD’s, have become critical components of electrical circuits because they […]