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Electrical Testing Services

An electrical testing service is a sector that includes repairing, installation, selling and maintenance of any electric associated stuff such as electoral gadgets of industrial sector. As a professional business owner, it is legally your duty to ensure that everyone is safe and no one is at risk. All machines weaken with age that is […]

Electrical Surge Diverter

An electric surge diverter, also known as an arrestor, is a device whose core objective is to guard electrical appliances from potential damage as a result of high voltage. Your personal computer is susceptible to the risk of direct lightning strikes, electrical thunderstorms if you lack a surge diverter. As unique and rare these events […]

Electrical safety

Electrical safety means understanding how to be safe when using electrical equipment in and around the home. It is one of the best lessons we can teach our family and be conscious of ourselves. Electricity can be dangerous if not handled correctly, so it is always important to have a qualified electrician undertake your electrical repairs and maintenance […]

What is a Ductless AC System? How Does it Work?

Ductless air conditioning systems are simple systems that connect individual room devices to an outside compressor. Evaporator coils chilled by refrigerant are found in the interior unit. Hot air from the room flows over the coils and thus is captured. The refrigerant then transports all of the heat from within to the outside unit. A […]

What batteries are used in electric vehicles?

What batteries are used in electric vehicles that you, your employees or customers own? It is important that you learn before creating your charging stations, especially if you want to allow other people to use them. New technology might change the way cars operate in the future. For now, most electric vehicles have one of […]

Security services

Your family’s safety is extremely important, which is why it is crucial to install a custom security alarm system. Security cameras, alarms and motion detectors can work together to create an ideal security system for your home. The cost of installing a security system in a home will vary based on factors such as the […]

Security jobs

Security jobs offer fantastic scope for career development, with many employers looking to hire job seekers in the Brisbane area. Security is an area that is already being disrupted by new technologies, including smart homes and wifi connected security systems. This is not however creating issues with business operations, as these new technologies are simply […]

Security alarm

Security Alarm systems are a simple yet effective security solution. Alarm security systems can protect you, your home or business, by deterring intruders from entering your building. Home Alarm Systems There are a variety of home alarm systems available in Australia, and the appropriate choice for your home will depend on the size of your […]

Safety Switch Testing

As a reputable business, one of our priorities is ensuring you are safe in your home or business premises. This is one of the reasons we offer safety switch testing services. The safety switch prevents damage during an emergency. For that reason, your property safety switch should be in excellent working condition at all times. […]

The Importance of An Electrical Safety Switch

In January 2019 the laws changed to make it compulsory to have safety switches installed in and residential and commercial building on every circuit up to and including 32 amps. Most people just know about protection by circuit breakers. It is true they do but the protection is quite limited. Circuit breakers protect the wiring […]