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What is a wall air conditioner?

CLF Services are experts in installing wall air conditioner units and we install all of Australia’s leading wall air conditioner models.  A major advantage of wall air conditioners is that they tend to generate a higher room cooling impact than window mounted air conditioner rivals. With more cooling grunt, measured in BTUs, and boasting better […]

Uniden Guardian App

Are you looking for quick, professional installation of the Uniden Guardian App? If so, CLF Services has your back. We have a team of dedicated experts who will get the job done on the same day. We don’t want you to take any chances with your security once you decide to elevate it by paying […]

Types of EV Charging Stations

CLF Services are experts in installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for domestic or commercial usage.  There are three types of EV charging station which CLF Services are able to install at your premises:  Level 1 This system uses an existing power point (10 – 15 Amp Single Phase) in combination with a specialised cable […]

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the most modern, trending and efficient electrical security systems that use a non-contact thermal imaging camera to maximize internal inspection. The central function of an infrared scan or thermal graphic is to detect a rise in temperature surrounding electrical components like fuses, switch gears and circuit breakers. When temperatures rise […]

The Electrician’s Tools

Electrical installation and repairs require an ideal electrical service provider adept at handling electrical issues. It is not wise to handle electrical projects and repairs if you lack the right knowledge and skills. If you need electrical services such as installing an electric perimeter around your property, seek a professional electrician’s help. Electrical works cannot […]

The Australia Electric Car Market

Electrical vehicle According to the Electric Vehicle Council, more than three dozen EV models are currently available in Australia. Tesla, BMW, Porsche, Range Rovers, and Mercedes are only a few of the brands now arriving to Brisbane. The Queensland Government encourages this as part of its Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy they hope to achieve by […]

How is air conditioning service done?

Have you ever wondered why is it important to get your air conditioner serviced and how often you need to get it done? Experts suggest that an air conditioning service should be done every year. This is because conditioning units collect dust and debris when switched on which can prevent them from operating properly. For […]

How essential is air conditioning in Brisbane homes?

In Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate, summer can get uncomfortably muggy and humid, with temperatures sometimes soaring to 40 degrees and beyond. This weather makes it essential for Brisbane homes to have air conditioning installed and critical for businesses to keep employees productive and comfortable in their work environment. There are several types of air conditioners, and […]

How are air conditioners installed?

Did you just recently purchase a new air conditioning unit and need it installed? Air conditioners units are complex and should only be installed by an air conditioning specialist or licensed electrician. Depending on what type of air conditioner you have, the installation processes can vary. If you are still in the process of deciding […]

Testing Emergency Lighting Is Crucial for Being Prepared

Testing emergency lighting is something that needs to happen on a regular basis to make sure they are ready to go in the event of an actual emergency. Emergency lights, including exit signs, usually have batteries inside them. Even emergency lighting hooked up to the building’s power grid rely on that juice to keep their […]