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What is a wall air conditioner?

CLF Services are experts in installing wall air conditioner units and we install all of Australia’s leading wall air conditioner models. 

A major advantage of wall air conditioners is that they tend to generate a higher room cooling impact than window mounted air conditioner rivals. With more cooling grunt, measured in BTUs, and boasting better fans, wall AC units can cool a room faster and more efficiently than a window unit. Because wall air conditioners include internal thermostats they hold the useful feature of being able to shut off when a room reaches a certain temperature. This saves you on running costs, and reduces unnecessary wear and tear. 

How do wall air conditioners work? In a nutshell these units take in warm air, absorb the heat and moisture and then expel cold air back through the fan. As the cold air is blown out, the AC unit dispenses of the moisture and heat through a conduit. 

How long will my new wall air conditioner last? Modern AC wall units should last between 15-20 years. The performance and lifespan of your AC unit does however depend on various factors, including whether or not the unit is regularly maintained and services across it’s lifetime. 

Typically wall air conditioners are fitted at higher levels in a room in order to produce quick cooling across the internal space – no matter the size. The reason for this is because the cooled air from the AC comes down and the warm air from below rises upwards and a convection current is established. 

Wall air conditioners are Brisbane’s favourite type of air conditioning unit for good reason. Not only are they super efficient at cooling (or heating a single room), they are stylishly designed to be installed on a wall, and typically feature numerous energy efficiency features, making them more affordable for maintaining your cooling requirements. 

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