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How are air conditioners installed?

Did you just recently purchase a new air conditioning unit and need it installed? Air conditioners units are complex and should only be installed by an air conditioning specialist or licensed electrician.

Depending on what type of air conditioner you have, the installation processes can vary. If you are still in the process of deciding which type of air conditioner to purchase, you should consider your space area, the design of the room where you want to install the air conditioner, and your budget.

There are three core kinds of air conditioning units available:

  1. Ducted Air Conditioning
  2. Split-System Air Conditioning
  3. Portable Air Conditioning

The third type – Portable air conditioners simply needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and the duct fed out of a window, so this system does not require an electrician to install it. These systems are great because you can move them around the house but they tend to be less efficient than a professionally installed unit, such as the Ducted or Split-System units.

Ducted Air Conditioners are installed in a home or business in three parts. These include the placement of the outdoor unit, the placement of the ducts and the placement of the controllers.

Initially, an inspection in the roof cavity will take place to determine the optimal positioning of the ducts. A hole is cut into the ceiling for the return air grille, so covering furniture with an old sheet beforehand will prevent any debris landing on your furniture. The indoor unit will then be dismantled so that it can fit into the roof cavity and then the safety tray, safety tray drain and condensation drain are run out via the gutter.

The outdoor unit is placed outside and the refrigeration pipes and electrical elements are then used to connect the outdoor box with the indoor unit. An electrical circuit is connected from the switchboard to the outdoor unit. The air ducts will then be connected from the indoor unit to the return air box to complete the air system installation.

The system should then be turned on to check if the installation process is successful.

As Split systems are ductless, they are relatively straight forward to install. The cooling unit simply needs to be installed inside in a dry, cool spot. And then the compressor and condenser units go outside.

Hiring licensed air conditioning specialists such as CLF Services to do your installation will ensure you have a correct and safe set up. Contact us today.

CLF Services provides specialist air conditioner installation services across Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We would be happy to advise, design, and install the perfect air conditioning system for your home or business.

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