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Uniden Guardian App

Are you looking for quick, professional installation of the Uniden Guardian App? If so, CLF Services has your back. We have a team of dedicated experts who will get the job done on the same day. We don’t want you to take any chances with your security once you decide to elevate it by paying for a high-quality camera. We give a one-time quote, which you can either pay in cash or flexible, 0% interest payment plans.

The Uniden Guardian App gives you 100% control over your security cameras even when in remote locations. The camera features a 140-degree tilt and 355-degree pan to cover your home from multiple angles. That means you can invest in a single camera to cover the front and side of your house instead of going for two fixed cameras. Besides saving installation costs, you’ll experience hassle-free maintenance for years.

Why You Should Get the Guardian App Cam


Whether we install the camera under your porch’s ceiling or in an open entryway, it will still be safe from harsh weather elements. The weatherproof construction material protects the internal components from rain and direct sunlight exposure to prolong the system’s longevity.

ThermoSense Technology

We do thorough installation and testing to ensure that the ThermoSense technology works as intended. This feature differentiates motions from heated objects such as humans. Thus, you don’t have to worry about false alarms triggered by other moving objects such as passing vehicles and swaying trees.

In-Built Rechargeable Batteries

Are you worried about blackouts and uninterrupted power supply in the main grid? This cam works independently without any plug-in requirements. Once installed, the solar panel charges the battery for night use. Moreover, the panels produce non-stop power during the day to reduce the risk of draining the batteries.

Wire-Free Design

The innovative wire-free design allows us to install the camera at any point in your house without interfering with the design. That means you can also call us back to reposition the camera in a different location without incurring any high costs.

Capture More of Your Home to Enhance Security

Professional intruders are quite clever and may even attempt to invade your home by circumnavigating a fixed camera. Well, that is not the case for the Guardian app cam. We will install the camera at strategic points, allowing you to operate them remotely. You can tilt, pan or even zoom live feeds to assess a situation before ringing the alarm. Most importantly, these cameras won’t consume energy since they come with solar panels.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors lighting is an integral part of any security system created to prevent crime through environmental design. Strategically installed security lights will likely deter intrusions or detect any criminal activity in your compound. Most importantly, using motion sensors lights saves power and energy costs by lighting in the event of motion. Again, the light goes off after a set period.

We offer all-in-one services for motion-sensing lights. With our team on your speed dial, we will save you from the hassle of juggling technicians during emergencies. We take thirty minutes to an hour to arrive at your location. If it’s a new installation, we do the job on the same day to avoid any inconveniences. We are a company committed to enhancing your security as soon as you bring us aboard.

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