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How to tell when it is time for an electric fan service

Electric fans are a versatile fixture in residential homes and are often installed in multiple areas or rooms to give the HVAC system a rest from time to time. They improve home circulation, reduce electric bills and allow for windows to be swung open to let fresh air inside the home. But just as with […]

When the tv was invented and its evolution in recent decades

The TV, Television or Telly to some is one of the inventions that spanned years of improvisation, development and engineering from scientists and inventors from different countries and regions across United States, Europe and Asia. The evolution of television started from still black and white images transmitted on the cathode ray tube: to color television; […]

Safety switches save lives. Learn how

The main difference between a safety switch, or commonly called an RCD, and a circuit breaker, often called a fuse, is that a safety switch protects people from electrical accidents while a circuit breaker protects wiring and electrical systems in your home. What is a Safety switch and what does it do? A safety switch […]

How to tell when it’s time for an electric over repair

An electric oven is an integrated electrical cooking device or baking chamber. It’s either part of an electric range or a standalone appliance without the cooktop. A thermostat senses and regulates oven temperature, and time and temperatures are regulated by an electric timer motor or by a digital controller. Most electric ovens have two heating […]

Prevent electrical damage, know when it’s time for appliance repairs

It is imperative to be aware of when it is time to have your electrical appliances repaired  by an electrician, to prevent electrical damage or accidents from happening to your home, business or its occupants. Most homes have a wide variety of appliances to help make our lives easy such as washing machines, television sets, […]

What is a Clipsal smoke alarm?

Keep your loved ones, businesses and home safe from fire hazards by installing Clipsal smoke alarms in your property. You may be asking what a Clipsal smoke alarm is or what makes it better than the other smoke alarms in the market. Here are the answers: Clipsal smoke alarms incorporate photoelectric detection technology, which reliably […]