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Types of electrical appliance repairs and when to call your local electrician

Do we always need to call for help when an electrical appliance breaks down or is a DIY fix enough?

While there are certain types of electrical repairs that you can do yourself at home, such as changing a light bulb or flicking the switch on a fuse, there are certainly repairs that require a professional and knowledgeable electrical contractor.

These include situations such as the installation of power outlets, the rewiring or your home, or if you are renovating and need an extension to your electrical circuit or new electrical appliances installed.

If you feel uncertain on your ability to fix an electrical appliance or resolve an electrical issue, then it is always best to err on the side of caution and get professional help.

Here are 5 types of electrical appliance repairs that you may not know about:

  1. Washing machines – When your machine stops functioning properly, your laundry isn’t being cleaned properly, or your machine squeaks or makes grinding sounds, you should contact an electrician to assess whether your machine can be repaired or needs to be replaced.
  2. Electric oven – If your electric oven is not functioning correctly, potentially with thermostat or broader issues, then you should seek repairs to ensure minimal damage to your appliance, home or cooking!
  3. Airconditioning unit/HVAC – If you notice bad odours being emitted from your AC, an unusual noise or a significantly insufficient airflow, this could mean that your HVAC or AC unit needs some repairs. Immediately get in touch with your trusted professional electrician and schedule an air conditioning repair.
  4. Television – A TV is going bad once you notice dead pixels, colour distortions, bars and lines, fuzzy and fading screens or a burning smell when you switch it on or plug it in. If any of these issues occur then get in touch with CLF Services so that we can minimise risk to you or your home,
  5. Refrigerator – When there is a condensation build-up, there is excessive heat from the motor, food is going bad or it simply doesn’t get cold enough to keep your food fresh, call for a technician to assess the problem and repair your appliance if necessary.

Our homes are equipped with many types of electrical appliances and with wear and tear, there will come a point where we will need the help of a professional who repairs appliance to restore our beloved machines.

If you look out for these warning signs then you can minimise the impact on you and your home.

Contact CLF Services today for information on your electrical appliance repairs.

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