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What is a Clipsal smoke alarm?

Keep your loved ones, businesses and home safe from fire hazards by installing Clipsal smoke alarms in your property. You may be asking what a Clipsal smoke alarm is or what makes it better than the other smoke alarms in the market.

Here are the answers:

  1. Clipsal smoke alarms incorporate photoelectric detection technology, which reliably detects smoke from smoldering fires – the most common and highest risk type of fire in residential environments. Designed for reliability, manufacturers of this type of smoke alarm use high-quality and robust technology that can detect and warn from hazardous fires.
  2. The peace of mind brought by knowing your home or business is protected by a photoelectric smoke alarm is priceless. Ensure the safety of your family, friends and home from the devastating effects of fires by having a Clipsal smoke alarm installed.
  3. Clipsal smoke alarms are easy to install, they can be hard-wire interconnected with up to 40 units, but if you’re needing to add a new alarm or find it challenging to run interconnect cables, there are wireless connection features available or simply call your nearest and most reliable electrical services provider to do it for you.
  4. Clipsal smoke alarms are stylish! Most homes today boast of modern, sleek and minimalistic designs. Clipsal smoke alarms can complement your home’s interiors because of their sleek and minimalistic look.
  5. Clipsal smoke alarms are equipped with a loud alarm indication of 85 decibels at three metres. There is no way you can miss the warning even if you have a huge property.
  6. Do you have a home that is equipped with high-technology gadgets and devices? Clipsal smoke alarms allow you to connect third-party devices such as security alarms and home automation systems easily.
  7. A Clipsal smoke alarm may yet be your smart home solutions security device in this day and age. It could complement a busy lifestyle, a modern home and the ever-changing world of technology.

According to fire authorities, fire hazards present higher risk when a home’s occupants are sleeping. It is also when we are asleep that our sense of smell decreases dramatically that is why most home fires with the most devastating effects occur at night or when people are asleep.

This is why a photoelectric smoke alarm is the best choice of smoke alarm because it provides the early detection of a fire hazard.

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