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Safety switches save lives. Learn how

The main difference between a safety switch, or commonly called an RCD, and a circuit breaker, often called a fuse, is that a safety switch protects people from electrical accidents while a circuit breaker protects wiring and electrical systems in your home.

What is a Safety switch and what does it do?

A safety switch reduces the risk of electric shock by reducing electric supply to a circuit when it detects an imbalance in the flow of electricity. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 73% of electrical injuries were due to exposure to an electrical current from domestic appliances or machineries.

For this reason alone, it is important to have a safety switch installed in your home or property by a licensed electrician. Regular maintenance is also imperative, your electrician should come in regularly to test your safety switch for residual current, as well as irregularities in circuit breakers. Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting the property from electric shock.

Safety switches are installed only by licensed and professional electricians. Their installation requires the use of various tools and a kit that includes the safety switch box, gaskets, wiring kits, chase fittings and assorted hardware grounding kits. There process is complex which is why it is critical that safety switches be installed only by a qualified and licensed electrician.

Whether you are renting or you own your home, make sure that you have safety switches installed. Although it is safe to say that most new homes today already have these device installed, it is better to make sure as this will protect you from electric shock

Call your trusted electrician services provider, CLF Services, to test your switchboard, wiring, electrical work, power points, circuits, switches and other electrical devices in your home for a thorough check on a regular basis not just for your own protection but for the protection of your family, friends and home as well.

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