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Split System Air Conditioning

Split System air conditioners are Australia’s ever-popular choice due to their affordability and ease of maintenance. Split System Air Conditioners comprise of an outdoor unit component which includes the condenser, as well as an indoor unit that contains the fan coil. The fan coil removes warm air from the room and then recirculates cool air back in. This makes for a very efficient dynamic air circulation program and during winter this can be reversed to warm the inside rooms on cold days. 

CLF Services have installed thousands of split systems air conditioners across Brisbane and our experience has shown that split systems are great for an individual room, or multi-head split systems can be installed in multiple rooms – each connected to on master outdoor unit. Because each unit controls the temperature of a single room, split systems are great when each room needs a different temperature, and a further benefit of split systems is that they have filtering and humidity control functions. This sort of room-specific humidity control is beneficial for persons with allergies or asthma. 

As with any cooling or heating home system, keeping your split system air conditioner clean is very important for a more efficient and effective air conditioning unit, as well as maintaining the quality of air in your home. The all-important filters inside a split system catch microbes and dust from the surrounding environment, and if not cleaned regularly the dust can build up and collect moisture or mould. Not only is this a bad occurrence for your air conditioner which has to work harder to push air through, but it also results in a poorer quality of air in your home. 

For all your maintenance and repair requirements for your split system air conditioning unit you can rely on CLF Services. With our extensive in-house service department and a friendly team of expert technicians, any issue with your air con can be addressed effectively. 

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