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Solar Security Light

The best way of enhancing safety and security in your residential compound is by installing motion activated solar security light fixtures. High-output fixtures will illuminate all the dark pathways, parking lots, and shrubs even during a power outage. Thus, you’ll no longer worry about depending on the primary grid to keep your security systems up and running, especially if you also opt for solar-powered surveillance cameras.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Motion Activated Solar Security Light?

The average cost of installing a solar-powered security light is nearly the same as a hardwired security fixture. Also, the illumination output is almost the same, or even better if you get high-quality fixtures. We are the best Brisbane electricians to help you with all your solar security lighting.

We charge reasonable rates, which you can also pay through a 0% interest payment plan. Again, if you want to save more, we are the guys to call.

Why Solar Security Lights?

We recommend solar security lights to homeowners in Brisbane because of the following benefits:

More Lights, More Savings

Once you install solar security lights in your home, you’ll not experience any associated energy costs. That means the higher the number of bulbs installed, the more savings you’ll likely experience. For instance, powering 15 400-watt lights using the main grid for up to 10 hours a night will cost you a fortune annually. But, on the other hand, there are no daily, monthly, or annual costs if you opt for solar.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Maintenance in solar security lights is virtually non-existent. Modern designs feature high-quality components that last for decades. In addition, high-output designs come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for years before replacement. Most importantly, these lights don’t burn out.

Motion-Sensing Technology

The motion-sensing technology in solar flood lights goes a long way in foiling criminals. The bad guys will walk into your home thinking there are no lights only to get a surprise when they walk past the fixtures. Solar lights with motion-sensing technology are ideal if you don’t prefer whole-night bright lighting.

Install Solar Security Lights in Your Home with 0% Interest Financing

When it comes to improving security around your property, never think twice about it. You need to take charge and ensure everyone feels safe when chilling in the backyard or walking on the sidewalks during the night. CLF Services is your number one electrical company in Brisbane to help you achieve maximum solar light illumination in your compound without breaking the bank. Our 0% interest payment plan helps you cover the costs in installments.

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