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Should you install a wireless alarm system?

Wired or wireless, which alarm system should you choose?

With home security systems becoming something of a necessity these days, the alarm system market offers a wide array of options to choose from and it is important to understand what each system delivers to ensure you can make an informed decision.

The choice between wired or wireless alarm systems really depends on what you need from a security system.

Note: A security system can both be wireless and wired, which means that it can have a wireless sensor network but its control panel is hardwired to a land phone, or vice-versa. Some setups combine these two features using a hardwired telephone line as its main connection while the mobile phone functions as a backup in case the land phone gets disconnected.

Wired Alarm Systems

A wired security system uses wires running throughout your property (home or office) to relay information back to the central control panel. Sensors and cameras are connected via tangible wires and they use the landline system to communicate. Hardwired systems consist of physical copper wires that run between each detector (door, motion, glass, etc) and the control panel. It is also equipped with a component that monitors the physical connection and alerts the control panel when a wire is disconnected or cut off. In case this happens, the system will detect it and trigger the alarm to alert the property owner.

Find out if your home or property has existing wiring for a security system, in which case a hardwired option may be the best choice since the system will be easy to install using the existing infrastructure. Your security systems provider may just need to install a new control panel or converter, especially if the wiring itself is in good condition.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless systems can be a convenient route especially if your property doesn’t have a security system pre-installed. With a wireless alarm system, there is no need to dril holes and other modifications. A wireless alarm system is a good option for rentals, historical properties, brick interiors, and such.

Often, wireless alarm systems use mobile signals or radio signals to communicate, but they can also use your home’s Wi-Fi signal. This means that your system will still work even without a Wi-Fi connection unless the system clearly states that it works through the internet only.

How does a wireless alarm system work? It uses radio waves to connect with the control panel. Radio waves eliminate the risk of wires being short-circuited which essentially renders a wireless alarm system tamper-proof. How many times have we seen burglars simply snipping off the connection of a wired security system in the news? A wireless security system has layers of security built-in so that it takes a really good hacker to get into the network.

Not all wireless security system has the option to connect to your other smart home systems and your mobile phone, however, having this option offers great convenience because with just a few clicks on your phone, you can activate or deactivate or enable other features.

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