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Seven kilowatt split system

ARC license number – AU54842

CLF Services are the leading installer and servicing company for 7kw split system air conditioners across Brisbane. With over 10 years of experience in installing all makes and models of air conditioners we have the runs on the board to help you with your 7kw split system AC unit repair or installation. 

Split system AC units are high effective at cooling a room in a quick and economical fashion. The reason it is called a split system is that the unit is comprised of two parts: 1) an indoor units which contains the evaporator component and 2) an outdoor unit which houses the compressor and condenser components. Split system air con units are very popular for both domestic and commercial room cooling due to the economical nature of their operation. 

CLF Services recommends careful consideration be given to the size and capacity that you select for your split system AC unit, to ensure you get the most appropriate and economical air conditioner for your requirements. A 7kw split systems are generally most appropriate for cooling larger areas such a open-plan living areas, multiple rooms or open plan office layouts. 

The following table sets out the basic guidelines for the room size that is appropriate for AC units of different capacities. 

Room sizeExampleApprox. capacity
Small (up to 20m2)Bedroom, study, small kitchen2–2.5kW
Medium (20–40m2)Bedroom with ensuite, small lounge2.5–5kW
Large (40–60m2)Large bedroom, mid-sized lounge, large kitchen4–6kW
Extra large (60+m2)Open-plan areas, large lounges5–9kW

We can see that extra-large rooms in excess of 60sqm are best served by units in the 5-9kw size, with 7kw split systems a very popular capacity for this type of cooling task.

CLF Services is ready and waiting to take your call to discuss the appropriate 7kw air conditioner unit for your requirements. Don’t hesitate to call 1300 257 561 today to speak to one of our friendly and experienced CLF Services technicians. 

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