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Why you should use security cameras at your home or business

Are you concerned about intruders entering your property? Or have you had a recent burglary and want to improve your security? Regardless of whether you are in an area with high crime rates or not, using security cameras will not only protect your home and your family, it will also give you peace of mind. […]

Why Is My AC Blowing Out Warm Air?

ARC licence number – AU54842 Why is my AC blowing out warm air? This is a question you hopefully never have to ask yourself because when you turn your AC on, you want it blowing cool or even cold air that lowers the temperature in your home. You might even want it to be lowering […]

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs are Essential for Schools

ARC licence number – AU54842 The quality of air circulation in classrooms correlates to academic excellence. Gone are the days when opening the windows and doors mitigated high CO2 concentration or temperature in crowded classrooms. The ever-increasing greenhouse effect means that there are many harmful gases to deal with, especially in an urban environment setting. […]

Should I Upgrade to Central Air in My Old House or Not?

ARC license number – AU54842 Should I upgrade to central air in my old house? If your older home is lacking central AC, then adding it can help you improve your comfort and quality of life throughout the entire residence. Retrofitting older homes is generally possible without impacting their character and structural integrity. That being […]

Should I Have My Home’s Air Quality Tested?

ARC license number – AU54842 Pollutants, mould and mites can live in your home undetected. Leaving these unchecked can, over time, lead to health issues for you and your family. Here are some pollutants to consider: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Have you ever put down new carpeting and noticed an odour that lingered for days […]

Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP Camera Installation Brisbane Also called an Internet portal camera, an IP wireless camera is a digital security camera that sends and receives recorded video footage through an IP network. They record video footage just like other cameras do, but the difference is that homeowners access the compressed files faster. Each camera has a […]

Wireless Security Camera versus Wired

Wireless security cameras transmit their video signal without a hardwired connection. This doesn’t mean that all wireless security camera models are completely wireless because there are those that would require a hardwired power source, where some are battery powered. These security cameras transmit images or video footage through your WIFI connection which can then be […]

Seven kilowatt split system

ARC license number – AU54842 CLF Services are the leading installer and servicing company for 7kw split system air conditioners across Brisbane. With over 10 years of experience in installing all makes and models of air conditioners we have the runs on the board to help you with your 7kw split system AC unit repair […]

Sensor lights: What are they and why you need them

What are sensor lights work and why do we need them? Sensor lights activate when they detect motion. A small electronic “eye” recognises movement from the heat waves that are emit from moving objects in the field of view of the sensor. The light will turn on when the movement is detected and remains on […]