Safety Switch Testing

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As a reputable business, one of our priorities is ensuring you are safe in your home or business premises. This is one of the reasons we offer safety switch testing services. The safety switch prevents damage during an emergency. For that reason, your property safety switch should be in excellent working condition at all times.

What is a Safety Switch?

A safety switch is a component of the circuit breaker that serves as an additional protection. This means the capabilities of a safety switch goes beyond those of a circuit breaker and a surge diverter. Circuit breakers and surge diverters protects particular electrical points in your property while safety switches protect your home or business by automatically shutting your power. Safety switches are essential because they detect the slightest changes in electrical flow, thus shutting down every electrical point, to prevent property damage and accidents. For instance, if you are using a power extension which by accident, comes in contact with water, the safety switch will detect the dangerous power fluctuation in seconds, thereby protecting you from electrocution. With circuit breakers, accidents could still happen because the gadgets shuts power in specific areas of your home or commercial building. That said; take a look we test a safety switch.

Safety Switch Testing

Usually, this is not a tedious process, but it may require the help of electrical professionals. A safety switch comes with a testing button indicated, “T.” This is the button that determines whether your safety switch is functional or faulty. When you press the ‘T’ button, the safety switch should adjust to the ‘off’ position. This should turn off your power. If the safety switch does not trip to the ‘off’ position, consider calling CLF Services  because the high chances are that your safety switch is faulty. You will need repair or replacement. Concerning our services, we are a licensed electrical organization that can provide professional assistance regarding safety switch testing and repair.
At times, your safety switch may have temporary problems that cause the disconnection of power. In such cases, the problem may be due to lightning and nuisance tripping among other minor challenges. If you are unsure of the cause of the damage, it would be best if you seek for professional assistance, to determine the cause of damage. Note that there have been numerous cases of electrical-related accidents due to unsuspecting individuals trying to solve the problems without professional knowledge. To avoid such occurrences, a Brisbane Electrician is ready to help you protect yourself and loved ones from lethal electrical accidents.

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