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How to tell when it’s time for an air conditioning repair

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After working hard during the summer months in Brisbane, Autumn can be a good time to contact your trusted air conditioning specialists to check your appliance is in good working order.

Sometimes, it’s not just routine maintenance and check-up that air conditioners need. After several years of use, there will come a point when repairs will become necessary. There are signs to look out for to determine when it’s time for an air conditioning repair. Here are some of those signs:

  1. Foul smells – Your air conditioner should be sending out clean and neutral-smelling air. Many modern air conditioning units even have air-purifying functionalities, especially the split system ones. So when you start to notice foul smells being emitted by your air conditioning unit, it could be an indication that it’s time to call for a repairman.
  2. Leakage – It is normal for air conditioners to create moisture. However, when moisture starts building up or there is leakage around the air conditioning unit, it may be time to get in touch with your local technician.
  3. Suddenly expensive utility bill – You can tell there is something wrong with your appliance when your average utility bill suddenly becomes high. It could have something to do with an air conditioning system that is simply working too hard to get the job done. Even if the home isn’t properly cooled, your air conditioner may be running up your monthly energy bills, which is a sign that it is not working as efficiently as it should.
  4. Strange sounds – Most air conditioning units are quiet, split system air conditioners produce only 19 decibels of noise. So when your air conditioning units suddenly start making strange noises, it could mean that a repair might be necessary.

Most air conditioning repairs don’t take more than a day, depending on the severity of the work necessary to restore your unit. A routine maintenance check will save you more money and time as opposed to waiting until your air conditioning system starts acting up. Experts suggest having air conditioning systems checked at least once a year, should keep the unit in good working order.

Air conditioners have 15 to 20 years lifespan, so if your air conditioning unit is old then a repair may not be enough, but the team at CLF Services will advise you on the safety of your device so you can decide if it is time to replace it.

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