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How Landscaping Can Improve Home Security

Believe it or not, how individuals landscape their home can determine if burglars will target them. They will weigh up the value of the home based on what they see in the yard and how it looks. Burglars will assess the landscaping for the potential hiding points and the ease of breaking into the home. Good thieves will look at the landscaping first to case the home. Let’s have a look at how to use landscaping to protect the home.

Keep the Hedges Trimmed

Ultimately, landscaping for security will improve visibility either through better lighting or offering burglars fewer hiding spaces. Thieves like to hide in dense and unruly bushes especially near windows and doors obscured from policing eyes. Many thieves won’t risk hiding near neat and tidy bushes since their risk of being caught goes up drastically. Most will seek lower-hanging fruit without the risk, which means another home.

Homeowners can’t be home at all times. However, attentive neighbors can fill the gaps when they see suspicious people in the neighborhood. Full visibility ensures they can monitor the property.

Install Good Lighting

Lights over entry points that illuminate the yard will make it impossible for thieves to stay hidden. Individuals might, for example, install motion sensor lights on all sides of the home, especially at vulnerable points. With landscape lighting, turn on the lights for the whole night. Worried about the cost of electricity? Install LED light bulbs or compact fluorescent lights. A compact fluorescent light only uses 13 to 15 watts, whereas a similar incandescent light will use 60 watts.

High Fencing

Burglars can’t assess the yard if they can’t see inside it. Not only that, but a fence provides an extra hurdle for them to jump before they can check for access points. Most burglaries only last between eight to 12 minutes, because the longer they take the higher their risk of getting caught.

Good landscaping will keep the criminals out, but it should be used in combination with other security measures like surveillance cameras and an alarm system. Anyone who wants to learn more about good landscaping for security in Brisbane should call CLF Services today.

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