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Home Air Conditioning Services in Brisbane

ARC licence number – AU54842

Your home air conditioning system helps keep you comfortable when you are home. In case the system breaks down, repairing it can be frustrating and costly. Worse still, if the system stops when temperatures are very high, the home will be unbearable. We help take the frustration off the air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance.

Our Services

AC installation/Replacement – If you have an AC system older than 10 years, there is a chance you spend so much on utility bills. Such systems do not work efficiently, and this leads to high energy bills. Again, if you renovated your home and added or expanded rooms and introduced new features, the old HVAC system may not adequately cool your home. You may need to replace it. Old systems also break down more often, and this can lead to costly repairs.

AC repair

Your AC ensures the air in your home is clean, cool, and has the right humidity when the sun is very hot outside. If this system breaks, the home becomes uncomfortable. You can tell your AC is not operating as it should if there are hot spots in your home or there are strange noises coming from the system. Sometimes the AC fails to turn on completely. Let us help you.

AC maintenance

AC maintenance ensures your system never breaks down when you need it most. It is also a way to maintain the insurance and warranty on the system and lengthen its productive life. You will make your system more efficient if the vents do not clog and the filter is ever clean. Schedule routine maintenance with us, and we will help keep your system in good condition. During the maintenance session, our technicians check all the parts of the AC to ensure that everything is running right. We might recommend simple repairs and replacement of some parts to ensure the home air conditioning doesn’t fail you when you need it.

Emergency Services

We service all parts of the AC system, including the thermostat and any other accessories. If you need services urgently, call us and our technicians will be there. You do not have to wait for a breakdown, call CLF Services today for routine maintenance. 

For more information or to make an appointment, please call CLF Services on 1300 257 561.

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