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Electric Vehicle Council

The heightened maturity of the electric vehicle sector in Australia is exemplified by the growing importance and clout of the Electric Vehicle Council. CLF Services is a proud supporter of the Council which has a declared mission to provide national representation for the electric vehicle industry across Australia. The Electric Vehicle Council seeks to represent businesses which are involved with the producing, powering and supporting of EVs. 

The Electric Vehicle Council holds the highly laudable aspiration: 

“To accelerate the electrification of road transport for a more sustainable and prosperous Australia.”

The Electric Vehicle Council posits the following benefits of EVs: 

  1. More fun to Drive 
  2. Lower total cost of ownership
  3. Convenience 
  4. Less Maintenance 
  5. Good for the Environment 
  6. Fuel Security 

The Electric Vehicle Council is strident in asserting that the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is critical to supporting and encouraging EV uptake in Australia. While there has been significant public and private investment in EV charging infrastructure there is still much more required. 

The Electric Vehicle Council recognises the need for adequate consumer protections and trust when it comes to public EV charging stations. The Electric Vehicle Council also asserts that the consumer experience is paramount to accelerating the EV uptake in Australia. 

The Electric Vehicle Council is also at pains to acknowledge that Australia is a technology ‘taker’ in this industry. 

“We import all of the AC EV charging equipment available in Australia, and we represent a very small segment of the global market. This means we are dependent on international standards and charging equipment design. Any requirements for Australian equipment need to be consistent with international standards and manufacturing practices.”

As a fledgling industry sector with significant capacity to grow quickly, the Electric Vehicle Council stands side-by-side with EV enabling companies such as CLS Services, as we bring forward the future of motoring to Brisbane. 

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