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The Difference Between Residential Air Conditioning Vs. Industrial Air conditioning

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There are two common or broad air conditioning categories commonly used – industrial air conditioning and residential air conditioning. Now, how are these two different from one another?

A residential air conditioning is typically what we call a ‘split system’ which has two components; an outdoor unit which houses the compressor and is known as the ‘condenser unit’ and the indoor unit otherwise called the air handling unit. These components are connected with coils.

An industrial air conditioner is normally a packaged unit. Also known as an HVAC, it usually has all the components of a residential air conditioner housed in a single unit which can then make the air conditioner system movable from facility to facility.

In most industrial facilities, an industrial air conditioning system will usually be a centralised cooling system that has a ducting system that enables the cold air to be distributed evenly. Similar to a residential air conditioner, but only of a bigger scale and more sophisticated.

Of course, industrial air conditioners are equipped with controls that facilitate the efficient distribution of cool temperatures throughout the facility, as well as systems of thermostats for or should there be certain temperature requirements in various zones. There will also be monitoring processes in place to ensure good air quality and to control humidity and temperature levels.

If you are considering an industrial air conditioning unit for your facility, it is best to consult a licensed air conditioner service provider who can best provide you with recommendations on what size, type of unit, and other installation requirements in consideration with your set budget.

When choosing a provider, ensure that they are licensed contractors, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Licence, Refrigeration Licence, Refrigeration Handling Licence, or ARC Licence, is a legal requirement for anyone working with or training in refrigeration and air conditioning.

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