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How Much Does it Cost to Run a Split System Air Conditioner?

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Many homeowners prefer going for split system air conditioners because they are easy to set up and don’t attract expensive installation costs. But how much does it cost to run a split system air conditioner? This is an intriguing question that everyone needs an answer to before buying an AC system. Answering the question may not be as simple as it seems because there is no specific, fixed cost for running a split system AC. Thus, different households will incur varying charges to keep their systems up and running.

Factors that determine the operating costs of your split system air conditioner include:

  • The Unit’s Size in kW
    The main factor that influences the running costs of a split system air conditioner is the unit’s size in kW. Remember, the smaller the size, the lower the operating costs. However, it doesn’t mean that purchasing a smaller unit for your home will necessarily save you money. Remember, if the room is bigger than the unit’s output, the AC will continuously operate at full capacity, consuming more energy. Besides, it won’t heat or cool the room to your expectations.
  • Temperature Setting
    The recommended temperature setting for split air conditioner systems in Brisbane is 24°C. If you set your system’s temperature below this value, it will likely cost you an additional 5% in operating expenses.
  • Energy Tariff
    Different energy tariffs have varying rates, depending on the policy or even the company’s size. For instance, a tariff with the highest number of subscribers may attract lower costs. We recommend connecting to an economy tariff, which can save your running costs by up to 30%. Even better, you’ll save more during peak hours.
  • Duration of Operation
    A split air conditioner system running for prolonged hours will attract higher maintenance costs than a system that runs for short durations. Thus, you would want to power on the AC only when you need it. Moreover, you can use window ventilation from time to time to cut monthly operating costs.

Get Expert Advice on Running Your Split AC at Budget-Friendly Costs

How much does it cost to run a split system air conditioner? While the actual costs of running a split system AC depend on your needs, your technician should advise you on how to keep it running without breaking the bank. We’ll help you schedule a maintenance routine to guarantee your system’s maximum efficiency at all times. That way, you’ll keep the energy costs. We’ll also recommend the right AC size and temperature settings that suit your daytime living area.

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