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Back To Base Alarm

This is a monitoring trend that many homeowners and commercial building owners are hopping on fast. In the past, monitoring systems only focused on responding when there was an emergency or when the alarm was triggered.

However, back to base alarm allows the security providers to monitor the homeowner’s security system all the time. It is perfect for homeowners who spend a lot of time away from their homes or business premises.

Just like other monitoring systems, back to base alarm system comes with certain things like door and window sensors and smoke and fire detectors. Once any of these items is triggered, it fired up an alarm that alerts the security company.

The company will then call the client to determine if it’s a genuine or false alarm and alert the proper authorities.

Some of the ways that CLF services communicate with the security systems at their client’s homes of premises include:

Using the home line phone- This method is mainly convenient in situations when there are power outages.

Through wireless cellular radio frequencies- These are the same as the ones cell phones use, and they also allow the company to communicate with the security camera when there is a power outage.

Using an IP system, which uses the internet- This allows the security company to access video footage over the internet, but in case of a power outage, there is no backup plan, and the company cannot see what is happening at the premises.

Homeowners who have back-to-base monitoring ensure protection not only for them but also for their properties and families. This Brisbane-based company has its own alarm monitoring control center.

In that center, they have some of the best-trained staff all over Brisbane monitoring their client’s homes or businesses all day, every day. They also have a fast response time, meaning that minimal to no damage will happen to the client’s home.

The monitoring system that this company will install for its clients allows them to activate the alarms on one side of the premises while others are not.

That is especially useful in working premises where there are people who work overnight in 1 section and another section that has no employees at all times.

This Brisbane electrical company gives its clients a 1-month free trial to test out and see if the back to base monitoring system is the best for them and if it has any faults. That way, it not only meets the client’s needs but dies that effectively. 

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