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Appliance Installation

When you are looking to have electrical appliances installed in your home, you will most likely need a Brisbane electrician to manage the installation for you. Most of these examples are in the kitchen, including a dishwasher, cooktop, range hood and oven, but they can also be in the laundry. Wherever an electrical appliance needs a more complex installation than just plugging it in, you will want to call us to help you with the installation.

Who installs ovens?

Electric ovens are wired into the electrical circuit so require a licensed electrician with experience in appliance installation to manage it for you. You will need to provide us with specific information about the oven that is to be installed and the one that is to be replaced, if applicable. If you are replacing a gas oven with an electric one, your electrician will need to isolate the gas line and run new electrical wiring to power the new oven. If you are replacing an electric oven with a gas one, then this will also require a specific electrical service to change the systems over.

Oven installers will fit your new oven into the existing space, so it will be important to check the dimensions of the oven carefully as you may need some carpentry work done to fit the new one in perfectly.

Can you install range hoods, stove tops and dishwashers?

Yes, we can install any electrical appliance for you. Range hoods, cooktop and dishwasher appliance installation is relatively straightforward and doesn’t take too much time. The amount of work is based on whether it is a new installation or a like-for-like replacement.

We can also install laundry equipment – washing machine and dryer – as well as fridges and any other electrical appliances. Just call us for a free quote to learn more.

How much does appliance installation cost?

Our installation service is quoted based on a full service with no surprises. We will do the appliance installation, upgrade of the electrical system and install of safety switches if required. We will also do a complete service testing to make sure the system is working effectively and is completely safe for you and your family.

We are Brisbane electricians that service 10,000 electrical jobs per year, so contact us today on 1300 257 561 for a free quote.

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