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The importance of air conditioning in hospitality spaces

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When you enter hospitality premises such as museums, hotels, restaurants, cinema and bars, the ambiance and vibe can make a huge difference to your enjoyment there. And when you find it to give you a level of comfort, you’re more than likely to want to return.

Let’s explore the reasons why air conditioning is important in the hospitality industry

Customer comfort

A huge part of the ‘comfort level’ that hospitality businesses give patrons is the temperature – does it give relief to customers who have just walked in from blistering summer heat or cooler temperatures in the winter months?

A perfect atmosphere is an essential factor for guests, especially in hotel accommodation. Air conditioners don’t just regulate indoor temperature, they also keep the indoor space quiet, making it a conducive space for guests to relax, have quiet meals, and talk to their companions.

The air conditioner in your business needs to be set at a level that will keep the room comfortably cool for everyone. Consider the weather outside when setting your thermostat, if it is too cold outside, you need to raise the thermostat. If it is too hot, set your air conditioner a little colder.

If your staff or your customers are finding the temperature disagreeable, you’ll need to keep adjusting until you get it just right.

Staff comfort

Keep your staff’s productivity levels good to great by providing them with a workspace that is comfortable. Extreme conditions such as heat and humidity can greatly impact overall physical intellectual activity, making even the simplest of tasks an absolute chore. Lower temperatures also reduce the risks of dehydration and excessive sweating, which keeps employees feeling and looking their best.

Studies have shown that temperatures have an effect on employee performance. They find it difficult to perform even simple tasks when the temperature is uncomfortably high, which is not ideal for any business.

Keep your place in good condition

Heat and humidity can affect the condition of a property such as mould and bacteria growth, as well as the accumulation of air impurities, allergens, dust, and dirt. Having an air conditioning system installed helps prevent these from happening and keeps your business property in good condition for a long time. While some business owners worry about the electricity costs of having an air conditioner, there can also be significant savings in property maintenance, business functioning and employee and customer satisfaction.

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