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Air Conditioner Cleaning

ARC licence number – AU54842

The air conditioner (AC) helps to keep the room temperature at optimal levels. Additionally, the filtration and dehumidification processes ensure that the air is clean for breathing. Constant operation of the AC systems traps dust, mould, spores and dust particles.

The systems must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid recirculation of dirty air or unwanted organisms’ growth in the system. Failure to clean the AC unit leads to a drastic performance drop and increased energy consumption.

Since AC systems require little maintenance efforts, cleaning is oftentimes forgotten. As a result, the systems fail or propagate health problems such as asthma and other allergies.

How to Clean the AC unit

It is recommended to contact an experienced Air Conditioner repair professional for cleaning your AC. These are the steps that will be undertaken:

a. You require to have a dust mask to prevent you from inhaling dust particles and other microorganisms. Use gloves to protect your skin.

b. Switch Off the System – You need to unplug the AC from its power source. This action helps to avoid electrical accidents that may harm you or damage the unit. Additionally, you need to discharge the capacitors completely.

c. Detach the AC Unit – Remove the AC unit from the window using appropriate tools such as screwdrivers.

d. Remove the Debris – Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust particles, leaves and other particles on the outer part of fins.

e. Straighten Out the Fins – You need to align any bent fin with appropriate tools, such as a narrow screwdriver. A knife may also serve this purpose.

f. Remove the Fan – Removing the fan allows you to have greater access to the fins. Wipe off the dust on the fan and disinfect it using recommended chemicals.

g. Wash the Fins – Use a hose pipe with moderate pressure to wash the fins. Clean from the inside to the outside. This action helps to avoid trapping dirt inside the system. Use a brush to remove cotton and all dirty areas of your AC. Use dedicated mould cleaners to wash off mould in your air conditioner.

h. Leave the Components to dry – You should allow the various parts to dry for about 24 hours before assembling them back.

i. Lubricate the Bearings -Most types of AC units have exposed bearings for the fan motor. Ensure that you have lubricated the ports appropriately. However, some units have sealed bearings. It implies that you cannot do much with the lubrication in this case.

j. Spray a Mould Inhibitor – Use an EPA-approved mould growth inhibitor to spray on the inside of the conditioner.

k. Reassemble – The final step is to reassemble back the air conditioner and plug the power back in.

Air conditioner cleaning will help to minimise the cost of cooling by removing unwanted restricting materials. Moreover, it helps to improve the performance and longevity of your AC unit. If you find it hard to follow the steps above, call in a professional from CLF Services on 1300 257 561..

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