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What is a halogen downlight?

A halogen downlight is a form of incandescent light that uses highly pressurised gas from a halogen group of elements, known for their reactivity.

Halogen downlights have historically been popular fixtures for decor lighting due to their dramatic effect. In a ‘downlight’, the light is directed downward so that it illuminates a fixed corner in the room, much like a spotlight would. Typically, downlights come in round bulbs and are available in a variety of colours, which allows you to be creative in the way that you style each room in your home.

While halogen downlights have been popular in residential and commercial contexts, they generate more heat than LED’s, so in many cases the LED light has superseded the halogen downlight.

Regardless of which type of light source you choose, you should buy downlights that meet the Australian standards while also ensuring that the lights and transformers are not covered by ceiling insulation such as pulped paper, rock wool, fiberglass batts, or polyester batts to avoid fire hazards. You should also avoid installing halogen downlights near structural timber beams.

How do I save energy through my lighting?

Practicing energy savings measures such as turning off your downlights when the room is not in use and downgrade to lower watts if bright light is not required. Look for infrared coated bulbs that emit similar light as the ones with higher watts, but will minimize energy usage and the overall environmental impacts of the lighting in your home.

A halogen downlight can upgrade the look and feel of your home’s interiors, but it is best to do your own research before shopping to find out what your options are; Will it be more energy-efficient to have halogen downlights installed? How much energy will they consume monthly? Would a white bulb or a yellow one look better? Which brand or product should save you more money in the long run?

As always, when dealing with electricity, use a licensed electrician to install your halogen downlights for your own safety.

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