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Air Con – Industrial

ARC licence number – AU54842

CLF Services have over 20 years of installation experience installing a wide range of commercial factory and industrial units with Air Conditioning across Greater Brisbane. Our technicians have the skills, experience and equipment to install every type of industrial grade air conditioning solution. We provide commercial air conditioning services to property owners, general contractors, and business owners across a range of business types and industry sectors. 

CLF Services are an expert installer of industrial and factory air conditioning units and we have the knowledge, resources and capacity to deliver first class service and 100% customer satisfaction on every job. Our technicians have the training and certification to install all types of air conditioning systems for any type or size of commercial industrial property.

We are highly experienced in handling commercial installations for everything from stand-alone or strata connected industrial sheds/units, to large factory floors and aircraft hangers. At CLF Services we have the technicians with the know-how to work with all types of commercial AC systems from split systems, to rooftop units.

It is important that a carefully designed AC system is fitted appropriately for a large space such as a factory or warehouse in order to deliver an effective and affordable cooling solution. As temperature affects people’s mood and productivity, it is important to provide as comfortable a workplace as possible for everyone. 

Our CLF Services consultants are waiting for your call and can assist you in determining the very best type of air conditioning to suit your factory or warehouse. Call us now

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