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Aged Care Air Conditioning

ARC licence number – AU54842

Brisbane’s heat in the middle of summer can be pretty unbearable. For older adults, it can be worse because they have a relatively low tolerance to extreme temperatures. This is because elderly skin cannot produce as much sweat as younger skin to cool down the body. Besides staying cool in summer, remaining warm in winters will also improve their life quality and probably prolong their golden years with us.

Our Solutions for Aged Care Air Conditioning

  • Split System Air Conditioner System
    Every senior adult has their heating and cooling needs. It can help if each tenant in an aged care facility controls their units. That way, one can cool down as the one heats the room. A single or multi-split air conditioner system will get the job done. Reach out to our professionals, and they’ll help you with purchasing and installation.
  • Easy Access Points
    When it comes to installation, the caregivers in the facility should have quick access to the units for maintenance. Of course, we will install the units at your desired points, but we can also work with building contractors to determine appropriate installation points.
  • Air Conditioner Commissioning
    After installing air conditioners in your aged care facility, you’ll need to commission them before operation. Commissioning involves checking and testing the unit’s components to determine whether they comply with the manufacturer’s standards and technical codes. Our professionals have robust experience in doing that and will help you at affordable rates.
  • Repair and Maintenance
    It is imperative to ensure that your air conditioning systems are always up-to-date with performance and efficiency. We can schedule a repair and maintenance routine based on your budget and needs.
  • Emergency Response
    If your system malfunctions on the weekend, the elderly cannot wait until the following Monday for repairs. You’ll need a technician who responds promptly to restore your facility. We are available every day of the week, from 7.00 a.m. to 5 p.m. on business days. You can also book appointments for weekend services.

Contact Us for All Your Aged Care Air Conditioning Needs

CLF Services specialise in installing all types of air conditioners to keep your elderly clients comfortable and improve their quality of life. We offer regular repair and maintenance services to keep your systems running with lower operating costs. Most importantly, we respond swiftly to emergencies. With us on your speed dial, your elderly friends will stay cool and hydrated throughout all seasons. Call us at 1300 257 561 for consultation and a free quote. 

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