What Do Electricians Do?

It is hard to imagine our lives without electricity. Nowadays, we rely on electricity so much that when there is a power blackout, everything stops. 

Most people find it almost impossible to live off the grid when there is a power outage. Fortunately, professional electricians exist to help in restoring power when there is a blackout. CLF Services has a team of skilled experts that can perform any electrical work.

Aside from restoring power, electricians constantly handle other electrical jobs like rewiring fixtures and equipment, troubleshooting electrical issues, installing electrical wiring and lighting, and inspecting electrical elements for safety in homes, factories and businesses.

Additionally, they read technical and wiring diagrams showing the location of load centres, circuits, panel boards, outlets and other components. After determining where each element and wire will go, they install and join the wires to outlets, circuit breakers, transformers and other systems. Electricians also install control systems, repair electrical malfunctions, maintain electrical systems, and train other electrical workers.

When doing wiring, electricians use power tools like saws and drills. They also use hand tools like conduit benders, pliers, hacksaws, screwdrivers, knives and wire strippers. Further, they have ammeters, harmonic testers, ohmmeters, voltmeters and other tools to test the connections and check the components’ safety and compatibility

Maintenance electricians repair electrical equipment when they break. They do the job quickly to minimise inconveniences. Plus, electricians inspect and service equipment periodically to ensure they are operating well and correct issues before breakdowns happen.

Maintenance work in commercial settings vary depending on the industry and in residential settings based on the size and type of property. Residential electricians perform a range of services for homeowners. For instance, they rewire homes, replace fuse boxes with circuit breakers and install new lighting and electric household equipment. On the other hand, electricians in factories handle complex work like repairing motors, electronic controllers and transformers on industrial machines and robots. They also advise company management whether continued use of a device could be dangerous.

People considering entering into the profession should have colour vision (i.e. not be colour blind) in order to become an electrician. Electricians identify different wiring by the insulation wire colors and unique lines marked on the wiring insulation with special colours too. They need to know how to connect the different color wires to power devices.

More than that, they should also know how to troubleshoot electrical problems. Troubleshooting needs excellent communication and critical thinking skills.

CLF Services technicians have all of those skills and more! Contact us for a free quote today.