Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the most modern, trending and efficient electrical security systems that use a non-contact thermal imaging camera to maximize internal inspection. The central function of an infrared scan or thermal graphic is to detect a rise in temperature surrounding electrical components like fuses, switch gears and circuit breakers. When temperatures rise above normal in electrical components, this could be a perfect precursor of some of the deadliest electrical fires of all time.

Other than the dangers of the fires, the rising temperatures could also lead to faulty circuits and fuses which could affect the peace of your electrical appliances. Thermal imaging can use a camera as an effective strategy of pointing out vulnerable spots within electrical components. This way, you can use the evidence in the picture to prevent potential threats in the future.

Ideally significant, frequent inspection and updates on the progress of electrical switchboards could play a massive role in preventing expensive shut downs and disrupted systems and processes for your security standard. The best part is that a thermal graphic can detect a wide variety of threats including and not limited to open circuits, hot spots and overloaded circuit breakers. That is not all because electrical faults, harmonics as well as other simple loose connections that could potentially cause power surges are equally identified in the scan.

In the electrical industry, thermography refers to the process of utilizing the relevance of thermal imaging cameras.

Applications of Thermal Imaging

• Electrical Maintenance

Thermal imaging is used in the location of susceptible joints and parks. Power line technicians can also use thermal imaging to spot faulty devices and loose connections.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging Testing

• Sense Electrical Faults

Thermal imaging test is an important part of these programmes. This is because the tests directly lower risks and saves time for the client and workers to get in a safe place.

• It Reduces the Risk of Fire

Through thermal tests hot components are easily detectable – this means there is a loose connection. This particular type of electrical service prevents circuit from unbalancing or overloading before it becomes a fire incident.

• Help Reduce Insurance Payments

The insurance broker and thermal test images will help you understand your premium better. This because it might be affecting or reducing you in case thermography was not scheduled.

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