Simplisafe Australia

Launched in the US in 2006 Simplisafe has grown rapidly to be one of the best selling affordable home security systems which are designed to be a DIY installation. Simplisafe offers basic, intermediate and even advanced home security options, and are offered at a fraction of the cost of other leading brands. 

Due to the simplicity of operation and affordable up-front price tags, Simplisafe Australia security systems are particularly popular with renters as well as homeowners who want an easy to use alarm system that won’t break the bank. 

Simplisafe Australia alarm systems can provide a decent level of security, however the units don’t feature many of the more advanced features of other systems, and as they are self installed they may not be optimised in terms of installation and operation. 

Featuring sleek and attractive products Simplisafe is designed to work through disturbances such as loss of power or wi-fi. Simplisafe is more than just intruders – the systems are also designed to monitor against leaks, floods fires and more. 

Simplisafe systems are designed to blend in and not be noticeable through the use of tiny sensors and easy one touch sensors. Simplisafe Australia security systems are able to detect people and ignore pets, through the use of a motion sensors that use a precision human-form detection algorithm. 

Simplisafe offer a range of security products including: 

  • burglary sensors
  • security cameras
  • Hazard sensors 
  • Smart locks

Our friendly and professional CLF Services security consultants and technicians are ready and waiting for your call on 1300 257 561 to discuss your security needs and whether a Simplisafe Australia security system is appropriate for your home or office place. 

We are able to offer a free quote to discuss the pros and cons of different home security systems, including the full suite of Simplisafe Australia products.